Our Latch

Liberty OEM Supply is stocking the most common low profile concealed latch here in Hubbard, Ohio. These latches have been used by many boat companies for many years on engine hatches, sundecks, and folding seats. Some even call them hatch latches or snap latches. The main feature is they are very strong and will hold down very large and heavy seats, hatches, etc. They are mainly used where there is padding since the latch can be concealed but still be easy to use.

One of the reasons the latch became popular is because Asahi Denso is a zero defect company. Asahi Denso does not believe any parts should be defective and zero parts per million is their goal. Any suspected defective part will be picked up at our expense and returned to Asahi Denso at their expense. A written report will be issued explaining what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what will be done to prevent further problems. 

You will notice that all of our latches have the Asahi Denso logo and date codes on the bottom. Without a date code there would be no way to actually determine why a part became defective. Without a logo the customer would have no way to determine who made the part or even what country the part was made in. We have noticed that a few of our products have been copied and the copies do not have a logo or date code on them. 

Our latch drawing is two separate drawings because one is of the locking pin and the other is the hatch lock.

Specification Download

Select the PDF below to view latch specifications.