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Marine Latch Type ProductsLiberty OEM Supply specializes in selling custom made products to boat manufacturers. Asahi Denso is our main manufacturer at this time and they are a Japanese company with manufacturing operations in Japan and other Asian countries. We are fortunate to be the exclusive distributor for all marine latch type products in the US. Asahi Denso is best known for their handlebar controls for motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and personal water craft, but they also make ignition switches, relays, and latches. Asahi Denso latches and ignition switches are on many US boats. You can always tell if it is an Asahi Denso product because the AD or TAD logo will appear somewhere on the part. In fact, you will find the Asahi Denso logo on over half of the above mentioned recreational products.

At Liberty OEM Supply you will not find the custom made electrical parts because they are sold by Asahi Denso’s manufacturer’s reps. The reps sell directly to the boat builder, engine builder, marine panel builder, and marine electrical distributor. If you are interested in Asahi Denso electrical marine parts we can help you contact the reps and distributors.

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