About Us

Liberty OEM Supply is located in Northeast Ohio between Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Cleveland Ohio. We are a small company with many years of experience in sales and marketing to manufacturers. Jim Fairbanks is the founder and Wayne Lawn has helped start and run the business. Jim and Wayne worked for a distributor together in the 80’s and later worked as manufacturers reps together. Jim and Wayne both have business degrees from Youngstown State University and Jim also has a technical school degree.

Since Jim and Wayne were both Boy Scouts as kids and Jim was an Army officer during the Vietnam war the word Liberty has a special meaning. Jim put the word Liberty in the company name to remind people of it’s importance. The Japanese products we sell are made in democratic Japan or democratic Taiwan by our allies and friends. We are old fashioned and understand that American manufacturers will always buy from a US company if they can, but when that is impossible, then we believe the next choice should be a political ally and another democracy. Jim visited the Asahi Denso plant in Taiwan where the latches are made and it is a clean, bright, safe place for all of the workers. We would not be afraid to have our friends or family members work there.

Since we are a small distributor some may ask what happens if a tornado hits Ohio and wipes out our stock. We order all Asahi Denso parts from Asahi Denso’s US representative in California. The Company is called McNeil Enterprises and if anything happens to our company McNeil Enterprises can intervene and solve any supply problem. All companies need some form of back up and that is ours. We will send names and phone numbers for McNeil’s key people if requested. We will also send Asahi Denso’s phone numbers in Japan and Taiwan along with key people’s names if requested.